Aric Avelino 
Aric Avelino is the co-writer and director of American Gun, his first feature film, which will be distributed theatrically by IFC Films in the spring of 2006.  American Gun screened in the Contemporary World Cinema program of the 2005 Toronto Film Festival and stars Marcia Gay Harden, Forest Whitaker, and Donald Sutherland.

Mr. Avelino directed, photographed, and edited his first short film, Just a Game of Dominoes, at the age of 17—the same year that he completed his first full-length script, Thieves Among Us.  Since then, he has photographed and directed three short films—Central High, April ’18, and American 1938.  He has also photographed, directed, and edited four commercials.  Additionally, Mr. Avelino has a diverse body of work as a cinematographer, serving in this role on fourteen short films.

Mr. Avelino has also worked as an editor for MGM, Dreamworks, the Long Beach Aquarium, and on productions for the following companies: Fahrenheit Films, Bedford Falls Productions, Millennium Sound, Sato Films, Green Dot Films, and Palomar Pictures.  He is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with Honors and a Presidential Citation, and a two-time recipient of the Alfred Kilp Award for Leadership.

Currently, Mr. Avelino is at work on several screenplays, including his next project as a writer/director, Live at Five.

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